“..one of my new favorite groups, I think they’re one of the most heart-centered bands out there today.” ”

— Jason Mraz

Luc and the Lovingtons EPK

Music and art that fills the soul.....

LUC AND THE LOVINGTONS are a globetrotting soul-world-reggae band known for their contagiously positive multi-sensory live shows and their humanitarian driven focus. This refreshingly upbeat band has lit up stages across multiple continents performing for audiences of up to 30,000 people as well as audiences of 30 people in homeless shelters, hospitals and refugee camps. Frontman Luc Reynaud has performed alongside some of the worlds top showmen and is an electrifying performer with an unbridled positivity that compels the audience to sing and dance along with him.  The Lovingtons have shared the stage with powerful artists such as Jason Mraz, Chaka Khan, Zap Mama, Common, Roy Ayers, Meshell Ndegeocello, Erann DD and more..

Benjamin Swatez the live painter in the band brings a multi-sensory approach that is unique to the Lovingtons live show. While other members play bass, guitar, keys, Benjamin plays with paint. On stage this world renowned muralist begins each show with a blank canvas and as the first musical note is struck a brand new mural begins to emerge. Throughout the show the audience can see colors and images evolving song by song as Benjamin’s paintbrushes wisp through the air along with the musical flourishes. The finished mural in the end reveals a one of a kind visual representation of the moment shared between the audience and the band and each mural is auctioned off to raise funds for the band to bring free concerts to people facing adversity through their non-profit The Goodness Tour.

News and Noteworthy: 

In 2005 Luc Reynaud of Luc and the Lovingtons wrote a song called THE FREEDOM SONG with a group of children in an evacuation shelter after Hurricane Katrina which later was covered by two time grammy award winner Jason Mraz on his LOVE IS A FOUR LETTER WORD Album.  The Lovingtons toured with Mraz and have gone on to collaborate in other humanitarian efforts with the artist including their 2016 music video release of WELCOME TO MY HOUSE a song and music video filmed in a Syrian Refugee Camp in northern Jordan.

In 2014 continuing the bands passion for service, Luc and the Lovingtons created a non-profit called THE GOODNESS TOUR: MUSIC AND ART FOR PEOPLE FACING ADVERSITY. The band has since travelled to refugee camps, disaster zones, homeless shelters, youth crisis shelters, hospitals and more delivering free live music and art as an energizing source of empowerment and trauma relief.  In 2017 through The Goodness Tour the band travelled to Puerto Rico after hurricane Maria performing concerts and creating murals across the Island instigating creativity as a form of trauma therapy. Through an extensive project on the Island they helped produce a song written by over 100 Puerto Rican’s that raised money to bring solar power to families in desperate need of electricity. In an additional project on the Island Lovingtons band member and painter Benjamin Swatez brought visual artists together from over 12 countries to paint a 183 foot long mural in Puerto Rico for the families of those that had lost their lives in the storm.  In 2019 Luc and the Lovingtons and The Goodness Tour travelled to the Teotihuacan Pyramids in Mexico to give a performance on top of the sun Pyrimid and to create a collaborative mural with the youth at a local school on site. Luc and the Lovingtons Welcome to My House Music Video was recently nominated for Best Independent Music Video at the 2018 HMMA awards in Hollywood.

Featured Video ~Filmed in Zaatari Refugee Camp

Warm & Salty (Summertime) Acoustic

LATEST RELEASE: Warm & Salty Music Video


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